Writer #2 →

It’s no secret that I love Donald Munro! Though I may not always agree with his opinions, I always respect what he has to say. His writing is impeccable and he has a reputation that has allowed for his articles to be credible. I want his kind of viewership and following!

Writer #1 →

I really enjoy Rick Bentley’s articles. He’s a great writer and infuses the right amount of criticism in his reviews alongside his positive comments.

New Technology #3 →

Many sites are using multimedia to get new subscribers and to appeal to current readers. Another nice way to grab a younger audience, too.

New Technology #2 →

Fresno Bee has done a crime index for us folks!

New Technology #1 →

Fresno Bee is using twitter to announce its stories. Great way to get the word out and an especially great way to get in touch with Fresno youth.

Sports #3 →

Really like this article about the transition from America’s favorite pastime of baseball to soccer. Love the pictures: “Beckham stay here, we <3 you!”

Sports #2 →

I love the lead-in for this article! Again, not a sports enthusiast by any means but this article caught my attention.

Sports #1 →

This writer does a good job of creating a clear description of what occurred during the game. Also, the article makes the game more exciting, which is good for someone like me who does not find sports thrilling.

Review 3 →

I really enjoyed the writer’s lead in. Great way to intrigue readers, especially those unfamiliar with musicals.

Review 2 →

Very straightforward, to the point review. Gave me all the details without giving anything away.